Diwali Chef Special

  • Chicken Tikka Massala

    Chicken kebab chunks cooked in an extremely flavourful chop masala - All-time favourite.

    Price: £7.95

  • Mix Max Curry /

    Marinated lamb, chicken & Prawn cooked in slices of onion, tomatoes, ginger and garlic with Indian spice.

    Price: £8.95

  • Butter Chicken

    Tender chicken breast cooked in mild creamy sauce with cashew nuts.

    Price: £8.50

  • Chicken Dhaniya Adraki

    Creamy pieces of chicken cooked with coriander and ginger-chops – a firm favourite.

    Price: £8.50

  • Chicken Chettinand //

     A delicacy from South Indian, prepared with chunks of chicken in a blend of spices and tomato gravy, coconut tempered with curry leaves and red chillies- popular choice.

    Price: £8.25

  • Chicken Kali Mirch /

     Creamy chicken tikka cooked with fried black pepper in curry sauce.

    Price: £7.95

  • Rara Gosht Punjabi

    Chunks of lamb with lamb mince mixed with ginger-garlic, green chillies, cinnamon, cumin, coriander and braised in marinade- exceeds expectations.

    Price: £8.95

  • Chicken Kadhai /

     Cooked in tomato sauce and finished with crushed coriander seeds, black pepper, chopped capsicum and onion.

    Price: £7.50

  • Lamb Kadhai /

     Cooked in tomato sauce and finished with crushed coriander seeds, black pepper and chopped capsicum and onio

    Price: £7.95

  • Chicken Nawabi

    Chicken cooked with onion garlic, ginger, tomato, coriander. Spice with medium hot

    Price: £7.50

  • Chicken/Lamb Jalfrezi //

     Chicken cooked with onions green peppers, chilli and spicy sauce.

    Price: £7.95

  • Chicken Passanda

    Royal dish’’ a little bit spicy but not hot, rich and creamy with nuts and almond flakes.

    Price: £7.75

  • Garlic Chicken /

    Chicken cooked with fried garlic, thick and spicy. 

    Price: £7.95

  • Methi Chicken

    Best pieces of chicken cooked with fenugreek leaves.

    Price: £7.95

  • Achari Chicken /

    Cooked- with mango achar and spices in a thick sauce garnished with fresh coriander, medium Spicy and served in a karahi.

    Price: £7.50

  • Fish Curry

    Fresh pieces of coley fish cooked in a miff tomato and coconut gravy. (mild)  

    Price: £8.95

  • Fish Takataka /

    Fish cooked with onion, fresh tomato and- ginger-garlic chops in a spicy sauce.    

    Price: £9.25

  • King Prawn Massal

    Skewered marinated King prawns first cooked in the Tandoori and then pan cooked in a flavourful chop masala. 

    Price: £10.95

  • Paneer Tikka Massala

    Cottage cheese tikkas cooked in a melange of chop masala.

    Price: £6.75

  • Kadhai Paneer /

     Homemade soft cheese, cooked in tomato sauce and finished with crushed coriander seed, black pepper and chopped capsicum.

    Price: £6.75

  • Shahi Paneer

    Homemade soft cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes, cream, butter, cashew nuts and ginger garlic.

    Price: £6.75

  • Paneer Shashlik

    Marinated cottage paneer grilled with slice of onion, capsicum & tomato and cooked in clay oven.

    Price: £6.95